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Foley Ave, Oakhill Drive
A broken PVC pipe located under a tiled kitchen was allowing a terrible smell to enter the property. Ensuring that the kitchen was protected, the team at Elephant Pipe Liner successfully relined the broken pipe with minimal disturbance. The pantry was left untouched!!!!

Carrington Rd, Wahroonga
Completed entire external drainage trenchless rehabilitation of the 4” earthenware sewer service. The property has manicured landscaping and asphalt driveways that would have had to be ripped up to replace the pipes.
We were able to reline 90mts of pipe through 3 x access keyholes. Entire works were completed within the week.

Clifford Street, Mosman
A unit block located in Mosman, with 20 units had a root infested 6” sewer service located under concrete. Unfortunately some of the sections were beyond repair and had to be excavated. EPS successfully relined 22mts of sewer service with 2 x robotic junction cuts

Livingstone Avenue, Pymble
A boundary trap had been severely damaged by a gigantic gum tree. Excavation was not an option!! A successful Boundary Trap reline was completed, with a robotic cut. The remainder of the clients service was also relined completely renewing all of the external service through to the main

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