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DSC09721If you have a history of blocked drains, you will know the inconvenience associated with them.

Properties located in the greater Sydney area, built more than 20 - 25 years ago will have their sewer and stormwater services constructed of earthenware or vitreous clay. The leafy suburbs that are great to live in, are prime candidates for tree root intrusion and the subsequent damage that they cause to ageing pipes.

Excavation of these services will usually require damage to existing landscaping and hard services that may have taken years to establish. Utilise a trenchless repair to avoid years of hard work being lost

Why is a no dig pipe repair the right path to take for a permanent solution?

  • Cost effective – Save $$$
  • Small turnaround – works can usually be completed over a couple of days
  • Permanent repair - Long life expectancy
  • Saves gardens, landscaping and hard surfaces
  • Never worry about a blocked drain again

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