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'The Pipe Repair Specialist'

Trenchless pipe repairs is the creation of a new pipe within the old. Eliminating the need for costly and disruptive excavation.

The new pipe is created from a single piece of liner cut to suit the desired installation. An epoxy resin is then added to the liner before insertion and fed into the drain. The resin cures in place using hot water to speed up the process and forms a new seamless length of pipe inside the old damaged one. As it is a single seamless application, all the cracks and breaks in the old service are completely eliminated to ensure that there is nowhere for the roots to re enter.
Relining using the inversion method allows us to repair lines of varying sizes with multiple bends and of large lengths.

Pipe Patching
Not all drains require complete relining. We can carry out singular or multiple patch repairs to repair isolated or an isolated section of pipe that may be damaged. From a small as 300mm up to 3mts.

Junction/ Satellite patching is the trenchless repair of junctions and branch lines located in places where excavation is not available. With only minimal access required, it is a perfect solution for junctions located under bathroom floors

Junction Cutting
When installing long complete relines, incoming branch lines picking up other fixtures in the property get relined over. Using a variety of robotic and air powered cutters. Elephant pipe liner can cut out access back in to the main line through the same access hole used for the inversion.

Elephant pipe liner is a complete No Dig Trenchless pipe repair company with the ability to repair numerous size services, difficult access locations, internal downpipes and varied pipe materials

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