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pipe reline1Think of your drains and pipe around your house, like your heart and its arteries. If you have arteries that are clogged with fats, medication and a healthy diet may clear them temporarily. But the problem of heart failure is still ever present. When a stent is inserted surgically, the arteries are held open preventing the further build-up of fats and that cause them to clog.

In most cases, clearing blocked drains on a regular basis costs a lot of money and time, not to mention the stress knowing that your pipes may block again at any time. Once tree roots and cracks appear in a pipe, they will only worsen over time, as the roots grow exponentially and ground movement widen the cracks.

Each time your plumber clears your drains, your drains will remain root free and unblocked for just so long - until the roots grow back through the cracks and joins to become blocked again.

Relining is like inserting a stent into your pipes to repair the cracks and holes that allow tree roots to enter and eventually block them.

Trenchless or no dig pipe liner repair is the permanent, innovative, and affordable blocked drain solution. Basically, you are rehabilitating the drain pipe to like-new condition using a continuous epoxy resin and fabric liner that hardens inside the pipes. Cracks are closed and joins sealed so that roots cannot penetrate the pipe.

Have a look at this page, it shows exactly how relining works and seals cracks, and damaged pipes permanently.

In the past, the only permanent solution to blocked drains was full excavation of the entire sewer line. This is a daunting prospect, especially when permanent structures such as driveways and paving and expensive and established landscaping may have to be demolished in the process.

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What are the benefits of trenchless pipe repairs?

Minimal disruption

The most significant benefit of relining is the ability to repair underground piping systems with minimal to no excavation required. The only digging required is a pit to access the pipes, so that the new reliner can be fed through it.

  • Established gardens and landscaping will be retained.
  • Avoids the costly expense of removing and reinstating hard surfaces such as driveways, tennis courts, paving areas, or when pipes are located under the house.
  • Allows for water pipes to be renewed in busy areas, areas of historical, cultural and environmental significance.
  • Stronger than PVC

Relining creates a new continuous liner inside the host pipe, no joins are created. This removes the existing joints that are prone to root ingress even in PVC piping. Setting of the reliner takes a couple of hours and once set the pipe becomes stronger and more durable than PVC. Have a look at this video that demonstrates the pipe liners strength and durability. ( link to video on website)

Salvages drain systems

It doesn’t matter how bad the condition of the pipes, even if the pipe has completely worn away, the liner will recreate a new pipe to salvage your drain system and pipes to new. The liner will repair all cracked, damaged or broken sections of the pipe even where the pipe is entirely missing.

Fits all size pipes

Fits all size pipes – it does not require special handling for different size pipes. It can also go around 45 and 90 degree bends and will follow the original pipe system.

Eco-friendly solution

Pipe lining is the environmentally friendly solution to blocked drains. By permanently fixing your pipes, you are stopping sewerage from entering the landscape and the water table that can contribute to water pollution and it prevents further water loss.

Save time and inconvenience

The old system of replacement and excavation of your pipes is not only messy and disruptive, it takes a long time. A plumber could be working on your property from numerous days to weeks in some cases. Relining can be completed in less time to replace your pipes. This means minimal disruptions for you and your household.

Long life expectancy

The reliner is a permanent solution, pipe relining increases the lifespan of your pipes. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Cost effective solution

Relining is less expensive than full excavation and replacement of drain systems when costs such as labour for the excavation, and the reinstatement of surfaces and gardens that had to be destroyed to access the pipes are considered.

Trenchless pipe repair and replacement is the innovative, new and affordable way Sydney homeowners are getting the efficient pipes they need while keeping their yards intact. There is no reason to have an entire yard dug up when relining can be done in a fraction of the time and cost.

Interested in relining? Talk to us!. We can complete a free CCTV inspection of your pipe, where you can ascertain their state and discuss if relining is a solution to your blocked drains – re-claim your drain system back from the tree roots!

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