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Free quotes on all trenchless pipe repairs.

We will beat any competitor trenchless quotes.

50 year life expectancy. Premium products, Latest technology

Home Owners

Have a blocked drain issue? Think relining may be the answer? Click below to see why Elephant Pipe Liner is the first choice in Sydney relining... We will beat any competitor quotes.

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Commercial Managers

Sydney’s Strata and property managers can benefit from trenchless pipe repair technology… Minimal occupant disturbances… Minimal excavation saving $$ for property owners…. Professional team of technicians carrying out simple repairs on complex systems.

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Strata/Real Estate

A quick and effective way to repair damaged or broken pipes. Elephant pipe liner has a wide range of repair options to suit Sydney’s varied properties. The team at Elephant Pipe Liner have the latest technology in relining equipment to ensure that we can provide the best “No Dig” solution.

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Would you like to offer your customers the convenience and efficiency of trenchless pipe repairs? Elephant pipe liner is the professional team that can be trusted around your customers. Free quotes on all Sydney Relines. Check out the trenchless repair options...

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Elephant pipe liner specialise in the “no dig” repairs of large unit blocks and townhouse complexes. We have years of experience in relining ageing and damaged sewer and stormwater systems servicing these larger complexes.

We also understand that the investment property owners want to keep the repair overheads to a minimum. Elephant pipe liner has many different options for repair and will be able to find a solution to suit everyone’s needs.

Benefits for Strata and real estates:

  • Professional experienced team
  • Fully insured
  • Completion reports and DVDs
  • Efficient – great turn around
  • Minimal disturbance to occupants
  • Minor access required – Save $$ on restoration charges

Elephant Pipe Liner provides free CCTV quotations for all commercial managers in the greater Sydney area. Call us today

If you have received a quotation from one of our competitors, we guarantee to beat it by 10%

Apples for apples

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What others are saying...

Mr Davis – Killara

“I used to have the plumber water jet my sewer every 12 months to remove the tree roots and each year he would show me the deterioration of the earthenware sewer pipes due to the root growth on the drain camera. On the last inspection you could see the line was about to collapse in three different sections under the house, the driveway and the retaining wall. The plumber organised Elephant Pipeliner to come and inspect the sewer and they were able to reline the entire drain from the toilet to the street and only had to dig one small hole outside the bathroom. Now that we are retired it’s comforting to know we won’t have to worry about tree roots blocking the drain ever again.”
Mr Davis – Killara

Mrs and Mrs Johnstone, West Pymble

“I couldn’t believe that they were able to replace such a long distance of pipe through such a small hole!! My wife loves the garden, so we are very relieved that we chose to reline our damaged sewer over digging it up and replacing the pipes the old way. Fantastic team”        

Mrs and Mrs Johnstone, West Pymble

Tim Wilson. Operations Manager, North Shore Plumbing

“North Shore Plumbing uses Elephant Pipe Liner for all of our trenchless pipe repairs. They are a professional outfit who produce the results. I can’t sing their praises enough or tell you how many a tight spot they have gotten our customers out of. We will continue to use these guys in the future.”

Tim Wilson. Operations Manager, North Shore Plumbing

Mr Smead - Wahroonga

"I was apprehensive about using this system but there was no way my established gardens and cobblestone pathways were going to be dug up. It would never have looked the same. Elephant Pipeliner came out and lived up to their promise. I now have new pipe inside my old pipe and peice of mind that my drains won't block again, thanks guys!"

Mr Smead - Wahroonga

Eddie, Restaurant Owner - Darling Harbour

"We had a crack in the drain that had to be fixed asap. The crew came out and inserted a new section of pipe inside our old pipe and sealed off the crack. They completed the work in the early hours of the morning so I had no downtime at my restaurant. Excellect job!"

Eddie, Restaurant Owner, Darling Harbour