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BRAWO® SYSTEMS offers seamless textile liners for the rehabilitation of small diameter pipes. The BRAWOLINER® are extremely flexible due to their special loop construction. This makes them the ideal renovation solution for defective pipes with bends of up to 90° and up to two changes in dimension. BRAWOLINER® have a working life of over 50 years, offering an economic and environmentally-friendly alternative to open construction work!  
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Elephant Pipe Relining is a family run business established in 1999.

Our highly experienced team specialise in cost effective, Permanent Pipe Repairs with a 35 year guarantee.There is no damaging your lawn or gardens! Call today for a free quote Ph: 9986 1234 

Utilising the latest technology and equipment from Germany to repair damaged and tree root affected sewer and stormwater services with minimal intrusion to surrounding property and dwellings ensuring that you are left with a permanent, long-term solution and no mess!warranty

Pipe Relining is the most cost effective and least intrusive method used to rehabilitate ageing pipe systems that are usually located under hard landscaping, dwellings, driveways and roads.

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We don't have to worry
about tree roots any more!

"They really went out of their way
to do a fantastic job for us " – Mr Davis – Killara

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They did a fantastic job!

"They went out of their way to do a fantastic job for us" – Kristoff L.




"I couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough!"

“I couldn’t believe that they were able to replace such a long distance of pipe through such a small hole!! My wife loves the garden, so we are very relieved that we chose to reline our damaged sewer over digging it up and replacing the pipes the old way. Fantastic team”

Mrs and Mrs Johnstone, West Pymble


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